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To travel is to return to the most natural state of life. WJID is located by the Fuxian Lake in Yunnan province, exploring the interdependence and coexistence of primitive and modern environment, and seeking a place for travelers to return to hidden in the pure and beautiful lake.


Fuxian Lake is located in Yuxi, Yunnan province. The lake is like a round mirror, and Xu Xiake also praised that Fuxian Lake is the cleanest. The round wood veneer hollowed-out ceiling is the epitome of this chengbi xianhu.


The combination of the wood grain with flowing lines, the elegance of the circle and the pure nature of the wood, presents a strong aesthetic effect.


The plain grey contrasted with the warm wood, as if the morning light had awakened from a mist. The lake was still drowsy, and the wind was gradually rippling and dimming. The interaction of virtual and real, apparent and hidden, form, texture and light and shadow makes the viewer immersed in wireless reverie.


When the eye turns into the corridor, a tangled and rich sculpture in the sky comes into view, breaking the dullness with empty and exquisite bending, just like a dragon looking around in the lake.



In the multi-functional experience area, the designer captures a variety of organic tones and textures, and earnestly talks with each raw material to highlight its expression and vitality. The top modeling extends to the wall, which seems to be pursuing the prance driven by the will of some kind of life.


The wall lamp of stair seems careless hand brushstroke, reveal harmonious order in imperceptibly again however. Perhaps this is what fuxian Lake looks like as the sun sets, its clear waters sparkling and rippling.


Stylist combed the relation of each module, make the person is in the transformation of dimensional relation all the time, interest is full.


In order to produce richer experience, the space should contain different scales. Cantilever structure brings a formal tension between stability and imbalance, forming a visual and psychological strong touch.



The pool forms a mirror, creating a virtual path downward and allowing the scale to extend freely. The interior is not an established geometric framework, but an extended integrated structure, with surface breaking rules and abstract and philosophical expression.


The combination of wood and light, resemble the encounter of a gentleness, slightly warm, peaceful, slacken the heart that is worn out of weariness of each long residence downtown.


White fabric and log material bring warm and simple fundamental key and texture performance, the artistic installation with the shape of soft cloud floats in the air, everything is just right and comfortable. Designers from the national feelings, embellished a room of simple luxury elegance.


The artistic installation of the coexistence of interest and free imagination abstracts the form of dripping stone piercing and adds philosophical meaning to the natural process. In its ordinary course, time leaves its mark.


There is a teapot hanging in the center of the teahouse, solemn and silent in shape, thus slowing down the pace of time, only one person, a cup of tea, a cup of tea in the heaven and earth......


Guest rooms follow the overall design style, designers through the combination of array, with the volume interspersed design techniques, the use of pure wood lines to separate the space. In the meantime, the curve of tea table nifty neutralized the square pattern of the room.


Sliding door, light mottled. The illusion and reality are scattered, interspersed with the collision, outline the experience of a scene step by step, slowly slow the pace of travel.


The open pattern allows the lake to be seen in a glance, and the wind is full. Living indoors, you can enjoy the verdant mountains and the vast lake, and the melancholy and isolation are all dispersed in the wind.


Natural scenery and architectural space blend into each other, as if in a fairyland. The original seclusion place, can also have such a rich and quiet luxury experience.




Project name: Longhu · Suqing Holiday Inn


Project location: Fuxian Lake, Yuxi City, Yunnan Province

Project area: 2,838 ㎡

Party A: Longhu, Yunnan


Interior design: WJID dimension design


Completion date: August 2020

Project Photography: Zheng Yan

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