Flussocreativo Design Studio 与自然相融,与现代接轨

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Flussocreativo Design Studio


Quiet Bovezzo, in the former green hills of Brescia, a modern building and personality determine the landlord of a young woman (moms two young children and the super promise of family activities personalized) who has the desire to have a house, calm and pleasant, pushing and safe haven, even if open and inclusive.

年轻的布雷西亚诺团队(bresciano young team)在创意设计工作室(flusso创意Design Studio)的设计中,运用了他对文化、严谨但出奇的轻松室内设计的方法。

The young Bresciano Young Team USES his cultural, rigorous but surprisingly easy approach to building interiors in the Flusso Creative Design Studio.

这座别墅是一幢三层楼高、公寓齐平的建筑,为三兄弟的家庭提供住宅,他们一起经营一家食品公司。科斯坦佐(Costanzo)和丹尼尔·法切蒂(Daniel Facchetti)的设计师吉安弗兰科(Gianfranco)说,我们的客户具有迷人、开朗的个性,这在某种程度上指导了我们的风格选择。

The villa is a three-story building with flat apartments that houses the three brothers family, who run a food company together. Our clients have charming, outgoing personalities that in a way guide our style choices, says Costanzo and Daniel Facchetti designer Gianfranco.


We hope that the ownership of the house represents a bright temperament, an elegant label, but ignore the daring aspirations of the developer, a vibrant touch and an original house where her family spend precious time and open space for a challenging job of their own. Therefore, the basic idea is to create a neutral shell without too many obvious elements, and build a comfortable, happy and practical nest inside.

为了实现这一目标,设计师们首先研究了装饰质量和颜色。整座房子的地板都是盖亚灰色(Gaia Grey),这是一种纯天然的、灰白色的石头,墙壁是白色的,或者是一排优雅的蓝色和蓝色粉末。

To achieve this goal, designers first studied decorative quality and color. The floor of the house is Gaia Grey, an all-natural, off-white stone with white walls, or an elegant row of blue and blue powders.


Some formal solution emphasized to minimize the interference elements of desire in this bright and elegant, designer shell Flussocreativo and set the path of the fluid, including privacy and sharing, and said with the customer on all the issues we are faced with, say, fully trust, will choose us, a series of custom furniture design, we went to the into the circle of contemporary art.


Here, everything is in favor of a balance that reflects a light that matters, not a light that is insipid. To help this feeling of complete success, the role of natural lighting is combined with well-designed artificial lighting and, to a large extent, with equipment well known in Italian production.


The Peace of Bovezzo, a modern building in the foothills of Brescia, has the same strong personality as its young owner, who wanted a private home, a peaceful and happy haven. These are the elements of the creative genre design studios project, which they used to be rigorous, still light, and close. The home of three brothers who run a business in the food industry.

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