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Buddhist mood space




A good environment design

Pay attention to the needs of peoples inner world

It can even repair the mood

Let people quickly into a relaxed state

This white, log based space

Add appropriate proportion of black gray

It presents a relaxed and simple space style

Integrating humanistic art and natural feelings

Pass on a kind of unobtrusive introversion

Soft and warm


What designers should do is to embody the essence of customers in every project. In this house, the designers turn their calm and happy nature into a space for meditation.


In the space composed of the original wooden lattice, the biggest feature is to keep the light free and transparent, and let this kind of grid pattern become one of the characteristics of the whole building. The pure white tone, combined with warm wood grain, has a kind of seclusion and tranquility, which appropriately reflects the homes inner peace.


Environmental protection wooden grid pattern in the hall as a space partition, can also be like a door like rotation open, the floor also uses the same color system of wood grain. And sofa is gray, form unified style characteristic with structural adornment on metope.


The whole house is decorated with smoked oak flooring, light monochrome furniture and lighting. In order to separate the staircase from the living room and maintain the connection between the two areas, the designer designed a 6-meter high transparent wooden shutter, which was installed in an inclined wooden frame, and the square mesh pattern continued to the pivot door of the TV room.


Design guidelines include light color palettes, natural materials, and repetitive basic geometric patterns. With the huge natural light, the final work can achieve the desired results.And the edge of the window is made of log material. In this place, the residents can imagine the sunshine, exercise and pursue inner peace.


Open kitchen, in the other side of the living room made fashionable black, a whole face of storage cabinet in the warm color space, particularly attractive. In addition, the functions of vegetable washing pool and cooking are added to Zhongdao platform. Condiments are placed on the shelf above, and green plants can also be embellished to make the space full of vitality.


From the architectural, natural, humanistic and regional impressions, the designer extracts the inspiration elements, and interprets them in the language of architectural sense and artistry, as well as the multi-dimensional lighting, materials, forms and colors, so as to build an artistic field with rich connotation and free spirit.


The design integrates the loft style layout into the Maisonette, combined with pure white tones. It creates a relaxed and warm daily life for a family of four.


The interior adopts pure white color, presents a quiet environment, and uses wooden materials and reflective glasses to create a light and warm feeling.

The designers first set up spiral stairs that affect the vertical passageway. Then they adjusted the enclosed bedrooms on the second floor from the upper floor to the lower floor.


According to the requirements of the owners and the use of the open space planning. It makes the house look modern and light, and makes the residents feel relaxed and comfortable at home.


Designers adjusted the visual proportions of black, gray and white. They are 80% white on large walls, cabinets and staircases.

It is decorated with metal and marble materials to achieve a good visual balance.


The designer thinks that the beam will bring pressure to the sense of space height. In the absence of conventional indirect light design and ceiling design, concrete texture is used to decorate the beam surface. The whole space is combined with warm wood flooring, black elements and reflective glass to create a comfortable environment.

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